The Importance of Recognizing Hearing Loss

Hearing is an important part of life. The sound of laughter or the blare of a siren is part of the community of man. Being able to hear what another person says is an important part of being connected with the rest of the world. Hearing without understanding is even worse. A person knows something is being said, but they can no longer understand the words. When these sounds go unheard or are misheard, a person is missing something important. They are not a fully integrated part of their community.

Because hearing is such an important part of community life, it is dangerous when lost. Sirens are used for many situations where people are at risk. Emergency vehicles use sirens to warn people to stay out of the way. This avoids the tragedy of a person being hit by an emergency vehicle rushing to save another person. There are also sirens to warn people of severe weather approaching. A thunderstorm can turn into a tornado in an instant, and people need to know when to seek shelter. Those unable to hear the siren may not seek shelter until it is far too late for them.

Hearing people speak connects a person to others. When words cannot be heard or understood, communication suffers. There are few people willing to continually repeat themselves until another person understands their words. These people will often just shake their head and leave their message unsaid. A person who receives this treatment may be missing out on important information.

Many of these hearing losses can be remedied with modern medical assistance. There are scientists and doctors continually working to help overcome hearing loss and preventing disability. It is important to admit there is a hearing loss and contact a doctor to diagnose it. Once diagnosed, hearing loss can often be compensated for with modern methods.