Noise Induced Hearing Loss

There are few places in the world where silence is a normal occurrence. Traffic noises, appliances running and people talking are all part of the world of man. Each sound has an average decibel rating, and many sounds are well below the threshold to cause hearing loss either immediately or over time. Hearing is not damaged until noise exceeds at least 85 decibels on a regular basis.

Hearing loss for many people happens over a great length of time. Constant noises such as heavy city traffic may eventually cause loss of hearing. This is because the nerves in the ears are continually assaulted by loud noises. Playing music too loud is another way hearing loss occurs over time. Extremely loud noises like gun shots and firecrackers can induce hearing loss. If an extremely loud noise, such as a gun shot, is very close to the ear, hearing loss may be immediate and recovery of the loss is not always assured.